Massage systems in vehicle seats Massage systems in vehicle seats
Consist essentially of pneumatic lifting elements (air cushions), which are inserted under the seat cushion. Through the cyclic venting of the lifting elements, the contour of the seat cushion is selectively modified. The lifting elements are controlled by valves. This structure allows a highly flexible arrangement of the lifting elements on the upholstered surface because the air cushions can be distributed freely over the surface in any form. The control via valves also offers a mostly software-based program sequence which can be enabled in modes by the user using the control switch or a touch screen in the vehicle.
Active seat Active seat

The air chambers are built into the seat. The spinal column is addressed with active movement by alternating loading and venting of the left or the right chamber. This prevents tension while, at the same time, mobilising the muscles - counteracting a one-sided loading.

Dynamic seat comfort systems

Car seats are important for safe driving. Ergonomic seats can prevent the fatigue and stress of the driver, thus avoiding accidents. In addition to the static systems, which can be set manually by the vehicle occupants, Alfmeier has developed dynamic solutions that increase the feeling of well-being and safety.

With the massage systems, the contour of the seat cushion is selectively modified by the cyclic venting of the lifting elements. The pneumatics in the active multi-contour seat are operated with high-performance SMA actuators that function quietly, fast and very precisely. Through the massage function, the musculature is stimulated, blood circulation promoted thus preventing premature fatigue.

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