Global Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

Global Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

Global purchasing together with supply chain management play key roles in securing the success of the company. Against the background of globalized markets, increasing time and cost pressures, rising quality expectations and the continuous reliability of supply requirements are becoming more and more complex.


GPSCM is both the central interface between all corporate divisions as well as a means to the world outside of the company thus ensuring, with its cross-divisional function, a consistently high level of performance when it comes to cost, quality, supply and capacity for innovation in cooperation with our suppliers.


Our suppliers play an important role in achieving a leading position in the global market for our product portfolio. For this reason, we only work with suppliers that guarantee us the best combination of function, quality, reliability and efficiency in the medium and long-term.


According to Alfmeier's international orientation, as well as its subsidiaries, we prefer to rely on global sourcing strategies and supplier structures. Our suppliers and partners are therefore internationally established and have possibilities of producing in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Our comprehensive procurement program is divided into two groups, which are supervised by experienced buyers:

- Direct and indirect materials

The purchased parts flow directly into our products from the direct material product groups. These are granules, elastomers, injection molding and plastic parts, electronic components and metals.


The direct material product groups include services as well as supporting materials which do not flow directly into our products. These include, for example, plants and machinery, tools and personnel services, insurance and office supplies.


Furthermore, management of transport services as well as packaging are purchased in connection with the supply chain.