Valves To safeguard the pressure, different ventilation as well as pressure regulator valves are used in the crankcase, pressure relief valves are used in the fuel sector and ejector pumps are used for rinsing the activated carbon filter.
Actuators Actuators for a variety of applications. Custom development and design. Applications such as e.g. suction pipe resonance length switching, intake manifold swirl flap control, radiator grille and brake air damper are also possible for high temperature in exhaust gas systems, exhaust gas coolers or turbochargers.

Thermal management 2/2 directional valves Passive regulations of cooling circuits through check valves (2/2 directional valves, H valves, thermal valves). Protection of coolers by pressure relief function. Temperature-dependent passive 2/2 directional valves (via bi-metal disk).

Products Engine Systems

Our products in automotive engine applications require customized solutions. Alfmeier is above all characterized by flexibility and innovation. Our customers benefit from our experience and our know-how in valve technology. Our products meet the requirements of all advanced engine systems through the durable, thermally stable and positionable actuating elements. In addition, our valves support emissions reduction in the thermal management. Thermo cycles can significantly reduce the emissions in the various warm and cold phases of the engine with needs-based design. Innovative valve technology is here indispensable, since thermal cycles can only be controlled intelligently.